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The Marble Mountains, Da Nang

Hello everyone!!! Today's post is about The Marvellous Marble Mountains, which are located in Non Nuoc village of Da Nang, Vietnam. As the name suggests, these are composed of limestone and mable. We recently visited Hoi An and Da Nang, whose glimpse you may have in my upcoming posts. The site includes Buddhist temples and… Continue reading The Marble Mountains, Da Nang

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Lotte Tower Observation Deck, Ba Đình, Hanoi, Vietnam

Hello friends!! Today I want to share a few illustrations of the Lotte Tower, that I recently visited. It is a skyscraper, the third tallest building in Vietnam after Landmark 81 and the Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower. This tower includes offices, departmental stores, Lotte Mart, a hotel, restaurants and an observation deck. I am excited… Continue reading Lotte Tower Observation Deck, Ba Đình, Hanoi, Vietnam

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The Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long, Hanoi (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Hi friends!!! I am back and I wish to take you on a quick tour of a 1300 years old monument… Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long, was included on the list of World Heritage Site in 2010, owing to cultural layering seen in its archaeological and built structures. The historical monument was built in the… Continue reading The Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long, Hanoi (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

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Bang Pa – In Palace – Thailand

Recently I visited Thailand. It is a country of palaces and beauty. The government as well as the residents have maintained the beauty by consistent efforts. In my previous post, I mentioned about Ayutthaya Province of Thailand. Along with the Ayutthaya temple, they also have well-preserved Bang Pa-In Palace or Summer Palace in the Bang… Continue reading Bang Pa – In Palace – Thailand

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Ayutthaya Temple- Thailand

As we have Ayodhya in India, people in Thailand also have their own Ayodhya or Ayutthaya. This region had been a part of Siamese Kingdom in the past. Keeping aside Buddhism, the most followed Thai religion, Hinduism was also a popular religion, the remains of which can be seen in the form of Ayutthaya Temple,… Continue reading Ayutthaya Temple- Thailand

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Langkawi- Another Paradise

An island in the country of Malaysia, this place is a veritable heaven. One can experience the sea, the mountains, the jungles and the city all in the same day. The best part about Langkawi are the stunning vistas and more so the long winding roads, lined with dense trees, tracing the contours of the… Continue reading Langkawi- Another Paradise


Temple of Literature – Hanoi

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The Temple of Literature is located in Dong Da district of the capital city Hanoi, in northern Vietnam. More than a religious spot, this location was the first national university of Vietnam, named as the Imperial Academy. It is a masterpiece of traditional Vietnamese architecture and was built in 1070. One must appreciate how efficiently the government and the residents have preserved its monuments for over a century.

The students have to go through very tough curriculum in those days as well. Just like your university “Wall of fame”, they too had 116 “Stelae of Doctors”, depicting names and other details of the scholars. They have faded a little bit however.


In the courtyard, you can find these pretty pieces of architecture carved in wood and stone, which enhance the charm of this place.

They have also well preserved the clothing, books, utensils, and other things used on daily basis…

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Hoa Lo Prison and Museum, Hanoi

Hi everyone!!! This is my fifth article in this blog and today I am going to share few pictures from a prison that dates past to Vietnamese-French War. The place still holds the name 'Maison Centrale'. Upon entry, you find the visiting outline plan. The tour begins with a display of articles/ utensils used by… Continue reading Hoa Lo Prison and Museum, Hanoi